X-mas cheer

X-massy crocheted jar covers

Last year I made these cosy crochet jar decorations in X-mas-style for the first time. They make great hostess gifts and I love personal touches in a little present like this.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                     X-massy crocheted jar cover
Although we – like a lot of people/kids in The Netherlands – will be mainly “Sinterklaas”-focused right until December 5th (the big gift-giving Sint&Piet-night that we’re all getting geared up to), my X-mas crochet making has also been ignited due to all the lovely inspiration on Blogs, Instagram, Pinterest and the likes.

X-massy crocheted jar cover                      X-massy crocheted jar cover
If you want to give this a go – this is what I did and where I found patterns and how-to’s.
For the holly leaves I found this excellent pattern (Attic24 is always súch a great source of inspiration). I used either buttons or a small crocheted circle for the berries and added a tiny bead here and there. Then I just sewed them to the ribbon I’d already attached to the jar, and ta-dah!
How to make the green/white/red jar trim (most right position, first photo) is shown here (I just used christmassy colors).
The pattern for the red crocheted cover can be found here; the one for the red/green/white-cover is a simple 5 chains/1 sc/5 chains-repetitive.

X-massy crocheted jar coverLove,

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