Paper fun

I’ve totally enjoyed playing with some paper lately and I thought I’d share the results with you.
It started with my finding this gorgeous, colorful stack of paper at good old Dutch “HEMA“.
Colorful HEMA paper                101 woonideeën
The day after that the December issue of “101 Woonideeën” arrived, with a ton of inspiring projects. I found this very simple, but pretty envelope/card holder that really wanted to be made with 120 gsm (grams per square meter) paper.
The link to the free printable is here.

The two I crafted are being used to store the cards I had made of some of my Instagram photos. I ordered these IG-prints here, through Martine’s beautiful website and shop. They are my “thank you” notes when I ship orders from my webshop.

hema paperThe card holders are taped onto the wall in my craft room with woven masking tape. To complete the set, I covered two small boxes with the same 120 gsm paper; they’re now holding my business cards.

paper candle houses Yvestown Blog        paper candle houses Yvestown Blog
And then last week I saw these lovely paper candle houses, free printables on the wonderful and always inspiring blog Yvestown of Yvonne Eijkenduijn (go have a look, you won’t regret).

I’ve made two so far – it’s a bit fiddly, but so well worth the effort: I LOVE them!

paper candle houses Yvestown Blog

Happy crafting,

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