maRRose Giveaway – the winners!

A big and heartfelt “thank you” to all of the 393 people who entered the “maRRose Giveaway“.

maRRose - CCC, giveawayI really appreciate all your likes, follows and sweet comments here, on Instagram and Facebook and would have loved for ALL of you to win!
There will definitely be a “maRRose Giveaway 2” in the near future!

The winners are:

maRRose - CCC, giveawayLove,

2 thoughts on “maRRose Giveaway – the winners!

    • How wonderful! I just had a peek at your blog post: it’s beautiful, I love it!! I can’t get google translate to work properly on my tablet right now (and my norwegian is not up to par), but I will read your post on my main computer tomorrow and browse your blog some more, because that looks great at well: gorgeous crochet! I díd get that we carry the same name: I like that too! Love, xx, Marianne


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