Granny “Madelief – Daisy”

maRRose - CCC: "Madelief-Daisy" cushionThere are times when not much is needed to ignite an idea to start something new, in this particular case to start a new crocheted cushion cover. A stop at a local store – “Blokker”, for you Dutch readers – where I found this set of cute fabrics did it this time around. Ah, they matched so nicely with some of the Katia-yarn in my stash …..!maRRose - CCC: "Madelief-Daisy" cushionLooking for the right granny design did not take long either, because I remembered having seen a lóvely flowery design over on “Handwerkjuffie“‘s blog – a very inspiring place that I can highly recommend you pay a visit anyhow! maRRose - CCC: "Madelief-Daisy" cushionSixteen “Madelief”-squares were happily crocheted and joined together, single crocheting in the back loops only (right sides together). I framed the crochet part with a round of the bright blue (1 sc, 3 chains) and a round of white (4 dc’s in the blue 3 chain space). I then sewed a cover for the Ikea-pillow (“Fjädrar”, 40×60 cm/16x24inches) I had gotten some time ago, using almost all the Blokker-fabrics. I made an envelope-style cover onto which I handstitched the crochet part and: ta-dah! maRRose - CCC: "Madelief-Daisy" cushionmaRRose - CCC: "Madelief-Daisy" cushionAnd now for the best part: the sweet Stèpanie of “Handwerkjuffie” has graciously allowed me to translate her Dutch pattern of the “Madelief-square” (that you can find here) into English and share that English version on my blog, so even more people can enjoy this lovely design!
Thank you very much, Stèphanie!

So, here goes:

Granny Square “Madelief – Daisy”

– original design by Stèphanie/”Handwerkjuffie” –
– English translation by Marianne Dekkers-Roos/maRRose-CCC –
(US terms used)

Round 1 (brown) – make a chain of 5, close with a slip stitch to form a loop.

Round 2 (brown) – chain 3 (= first double crochet), 1 triple crochet, 1 chain, 1 triple crochet, 1 double crochet, 1 chain (work all stitches in loop), *1 dc, 1 trc, 1 ch, 1 trc, 1 dc, 1 ch* – * repeat 2 times and slip stitch into third chain of initial 3 chain. You should have 4 clusters of 4 stitches – fasten off – change to new color.

Round 3 (blue) – start with a slip stitch in any space between 2 trc from last round.* Crochet 8 triple crochets around the chain 1 space in between the dc’s from the last round *. Repeat 3 times. Slip stitch into first stitch, fasten off – change to green.

Round 4 (green) – start between a 4th and 5th trc from the last round. * Crochet 1 slip stitch, 3 chains and crochet in the slip stitch (or half sc if you will) made in the previous round: 1 trc, 1 ch, 1 trc, 2 chains, 1 trc, 1 ch, 1 trc; crochet 3 chains * repeat * 3 times. Slip stitch in first slst and fasten off. maRRose - CCC: "Madelief-Daisy" cushion Round 5 (white) – start crocheting 4 dc’s into the 3-chain space of the previous round closest to the tc’s. 1 dc in the 1-chain space of the previous round (in between 2 trc’s). Now onto creating a corner: 2 dc, 2trc, 2dc. 1 dc in the 1-chain space in between the trc from the previous round, 4 dc in the 3-chain space. One corner’s done, repeat * 3 more times. Slip stitch in dc, fasten off, sew in ends and ….. admire your work: you’ve just finished your first “Madelief-Daisy”-granny!
A pdf-file of the English pattern can be downloaded here.
maRRose - CCC: "Madelief-Daisy" cushionI do hope you’ll enjoy crocheting this pretty granny square – I know I did and I’m more than content with my new cushion!
maRRose - CCC: "Madelief-Daisy" cushionLove,

12 thoughts on “Granny “Madelief – Daisy”

  1. How utterly gorgeous is this Marianne, I love your choice of colours together, so fresh and summery. I have now subscribed to yet another blog via bloglovin…thanks for introducing it to me.
    Have a lovely week
    Big hugs, Heike x


    • Thank you so much, dear Heike, for your lovely compliment! Haha, if you’re anything like me – your bloglovin’list is a long and still growing list. It’s amazing, the amount of creativity that can be found on the internet, isn’t it! Love, xx


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