Homely Blanket

maRRose - CCC: The Homely BlanketI can hardly believe it’s true, but YAY: I’ve finished my homely blanket!
And what’s more: I am so loving it!

This blanket all started on Instagram, when people picked up on a project the talented Heike (Made with Loops-blog) had begun. She was asked for the patterns of the beautiful squares she was crocheting and before we knew it, she shared them all on her blog – a “crochet-along” was born. Such a generous, caring and sharing thing to do – she’s just the best! If you’re on Instagram, do look for the hashtag “homelyblanket”, you’ll see lots of pretty squares.
maRRose - CCC: The Homely Blanket maRRose - CCC: The Homely Blanket

Crocheting all of Heike’s so beautifully designed squares was a pure joy. I learned a lot of new stitches/techniqes and really liked that part of this ‘cal’ too.
Coming up with a way to put these gorgeous squares together was kind of a struggle though. It took me a long time and much deliberation, before I decided to do it the way I ended up assembling this beauty.

You see, the spare room floor was covered with these squares for a quite a few months – and since I do my ironing there as well, I pondered and pondered for a long time over a lay-out while ironing …..
maRRose - CCC: The Homely BlanketmaRRose - CCC: The Homely Blanket

Nothing really sat well enough with me to get going, but a couple of weeks ago I felt so silly about my continuous hesitance that I forced myself to pick a joining color and get going. And that’s what I did – it turned out to be as simple as that.
maRRose - CCC: The Homely Blanket maRRose - CCC: "Homely Blanket"-squares

There were roughly three groups of differently sized squares and I crocheted grey borders on all squares to size them up. That still left me with some holes to fill up, which I did by crocheting little squares/rectangles in grey. After that the fun job of deciding on the final lay-out started. As soon as that was done, I began joining by double crocheting (US: sc) in the back loops of the squares, really liking the flat seams on the front. Shelley (Spincushions blog) has a fantastic tutorial on joining here, btw.
IMG_3116maRRose - CCC: "Homely Blanket"-squaresIMG_3014

As always when I’m crocheting the last leg of a project, I tried to think of a pretty border that would fit this blanket. Given the great variety of patterns and colors in the blanket itself, I did not want the border to be too frilly, so I stuck to a simple block stitch, thus framing the blanket in the same color as the one I used for joining, with only little hints of colors. You’ll find a great tutorial on the block stitch at Alessandra’s lovely blog, here.
The last round was all dc’s and little 3-chain picots in grey.
maRRose - CCC: The Homely Blanket

maRRose - CCC: The Homely BlanketAnd then, all of a sudden: it was finished! Happy, happy feeling!
maRRose - CCC: The Homely Blanket maRRose - CCC: The Homely Blanket maRRose - CCC: The Homely BlanketSome details:
* there are 70 colored squares in this blanket, 35 have the same design
* 10 x 7 rows plus border, equals 104 cm x 139 cm
* weight: 1.25 kg
maRRose - CCC: The Homely Blanket


35 thoughts on “Homely Blanket

  1. Beautiful, fantastic, gorgeous blanket love the mish mash of squares but the way you joined them all together is a work of heart in itself…I’d take my hat off to you if I was wearing one! Genius x


  2. My dear Marianne,

    thank you for all your lovely compliments ref. the ‘homely blanket’ squares and thank you for sharing your finished blanket with us. – She is a beauty!!!

    Your choice of colours sing and the ‘fillers’ and edging are just perfect..I absolutely love it.

    What I love even more is the fact that through this blanket we have become such good friends and I really do hope we will meet in person one day very soon.

    You are a true inspiration, thank you
    Big hugs, love Heike xx


    • Dearest Heike,
      Well, you’re very welcome – they could not be more sincere.
      Thank YOU for your lovely words, they mean a lot to me!

      Yes, that would be wonderful, to meet in real life one day, soon, I hope!

      With love,
      Marianne xx


    • Thanks for your lovely compliment, Kirsty! Well, it was quite a journey, but I’m very pleased with the result. Luckily all Heike’s beautiful squares are still accessible via her blog’s archives, so you could still have a go. xx


  3. Wauw, die is leuk zeg! Ik had wat moeite om een deken voor te stellen van zoveel verschillende vierkantjes en kleurtjes, maar met dat grijs is het een prachtig geheel gewordend!


  4. Congratulation on finishing this very unique creation! This is definitely a one off and looking at it now I kind of regret never jumping on that CAL wagon… It is fabulous and you did a great job with the grey joining. Love everything about this “scrappy happy” blanket. It will be much treasured, I can tell now already. people in your home will fight over it. Well done.


    • Thank you so very much for your wonderful compliments, dear Annette – I highly appreciate it! It’s a wonderful feeling when you’ve finished a big project like this and are as happy with it as I am right now! xx


      • Dear Marianne
        Thank you for popping over to my place today. I know your color theme… And I’ll show you that delicate lace square in a brighter version later. The patterns is excellent even for someone as vibrant as you! :)

        PS Me too have started to reply in the comment field. So much easier to respond quickly.


  5. Oh it’s so beautiful Marianne, what a great idea to do the little granny fillers!! You are always an inspiration .

    Lots of love

    Marisa xxx
    ( Mariwish)


    • Thank you so much for your lovely and wonderful comment, dear Marisa! The granny fillers seemed to be the only way to go, in order to achieve a rectangular blanket with straight sides and I’m so happy it worked out the way it has! Good luck on yours – I just know it’s going to be an awesome one! xx


    • Thank you so much for your lovely compliment! The rectangles-thing seemed to be the only option and I’m very happy it worked out the way I had hoped. Yesss, it IS a great feeling to have finished a blanket, especially this one! xx


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