Friendship Bracelets

maRRose - CCC: friendship braceletsOver the last couple of months I’ve seen people make some very pretty bracelets (for instance here, here/here or here, here and here). While working on my Homely Blanket and the Bétaille Throw, I could do with a fun little side project and tried my hand at making some pretty bracelets too.
maRRose - CCC: friendship bracelets

maRRose - CCC: friendship braceletsmaRRose - CCC: friendship braceletsVia the beautiful Instagram-feed of Kikalite, I found a great tutorial done by ChiWei from the One Dog Woof-blog (link here), but I quickly came to the conclusion that working with thread was too fiddly for me. Thus I switched to my trusted Katia-cotton and adapted the “One Dog Woof”-tutorial, so it would work for the 3,5 mm hook (and me…)!
maRRose - CCC: friendship braceletsJust in case you’re not the fiddly-crochet kind of person either, here’s how I made my cotton wrist bands:

Things you’ll need:
* any kind of yarn (great scrap project/stash buster) + crochet hook (size as suggested on yarn-label). I used “Katia Capri”, a 100% mercerized cotton, hooksize 3,5 (US: E/4, UK/Canada: 9)
* beads (I used 11 per bracelet)
* darning needle, pair of siccors
maRRose - CCC: friendship bracelets

Thread the beads onto your yarn, push them toward the skein of yarn;
Chain 50 + 1 (= turning chain), turn;
Double crochet (US: sc) 25 + 1 turning chain, turn your work;
maRRose - CCC: friendship braceletsDouble crochet 2, * slide 1st bead close to where you are going to make the next db, thus crocheting the bead “onto” your bracelet;
Double crochet 1, repeat from * 10 times;
maRRose - CCC: friendship braceletsEnd with a db in the last two stitches, 1 chain (turning chain), turn your work and db the 25 stitches of the beaded part of your bracelet, slipstitch in the last chain, fasten off, leaving a long tail;
maRRose - CCC: friendship braceletsAttach yarn on the other side of the bracelet, chain 25, fasten off, leaving a long tail
Make 2 or 3 knots at both end sides of the bracelets, as close to the chains as possible;
sew in other end(s) (back stitching, making sure they’re secured tightly).
Ta-dah! Your friendship bracelet is done!
maRRose - CCC: friendship bracelets

maRRose - CCC: friendship bracelets

maRRose - CCC: friendship braceletsEven the very simple ones look really cute, I think …..
maRRose - CCC: friendship braceletsLet friendship rule!

5 thoughts on “Friendship Bracelets

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  2. What sweet bracelets these are, I love every single one of them. As always your colour choices are spot on and I can see many friendships being sealed with one of these.
    Shame you and I are not in the same country…I think it would be fun to do a book together.

    Big hugs and much love
    Heike xx


    • Thank you so much, dearest Heike – I love reading you really like them too! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your always positive, encouraging feed back. It ís a shame we’re not in the same country, I think it would be so much fun creating together …. and oh my, doing a book together, now there’s an exciting idea……

      With love,
      Marianne xx


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