Treasury Tuesday

maRRose - CCC:  Treasury Tuesday - Gorgeous CrochetYou all know how fond I am of the internet and (most) social media. I love how it gives us access to information on well basically anything and also how it connects us – no matter what timezone we’re in.
I guess the only disadvantage is that it can be time-consuming and has a tendency to be a bit addictive. At least I know I’ve been gone for hours in the world of inspiring blogs, pins and …… Etsy.

One of the things I like about Etsy is the possibility to make “treasury lists”. You can make as many as you want, on anything you can find within Etsy and I think it’s a wonderful way to share.

So as of today, this blog will have a weekly feature: “Treasury Tuesday” and today I’d like to introduce you to my first treasury list.
From now on you will find a post here linking to a treasury list I will have made in Etsy every Tuesday. I plan on giving each treasury a certain theme, but “beauty” is what they’ll all have in common!

My very first treasury list is called “Gorgeous Crochet“. It has projects from some of the crocheters and crochets designers that I hugely admire and that I’ve had listed as “Etsy favorites” for a long time.

Many of these talented people are ig-friends, most of them have lovely, inspiring Instagram-feeds and blogs and you will be able to find all the links to their web-activity by simply clicking on the images in the treasury and I highly recommend your doing so – you will most certainly not regret that!

All I can say is: have great fun and be inspired!


6 thoughts on “Treasury Tuesday

    • You are so very welcome, Sheila – very much my pleasure! I really love your work – you’ve been a favorite for quite some time. I’m very happy to have now linked you to the beautiful creativity I once found in Etsy! Marianne xx
      PS: are you on Instagram as well?


  1. My dear friend,
    Thank you so much for including me in your first treasury list. I feel very honoured that you think me and my work worthy to be included in this list of amazing talent.

    Like you I am constantly inspired by visual images on all your mentioned media…most of all I am so happy to have met you, as your beautiful colourful images brighten my every day.

    Much love, Heike xx


    • Dearest Heike,
      There was no doubt in my mind that you and your wonderful designs should be listed in this – my first – treasury: I love all your work and also your generous sharing of it.
      Like I said, I’m fond of the internet for many reasons, but having made such a dear friend like you is one of the best things ever!
      With love,
      Marianne xx


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