Treasury Tuesday

maRRose - CCC: Treasury Tuesday "Crochet & Fashion"It’s that time of the week again: Treasury Tuesday!
This week I’ve been looking for wearable crochet and have listed my finds in “Crochet & Fashion“.

The funny thing is that I doubt I would ever be brave enough to actually wear the garment I probably like most in this list…… However not listing one of the super, super gorgeous dresses made by Lecrochetart was not an option either.
maRRose - CCC: Treasury Tuesday "Crochet & Fashion"The emphasis should definitely be on the last syllable of this shop’s name: art, that’s what it is, definitely!

Luckily it was not hard to find more works of art for this list! So, please, do check out all shops loaded with beautiful garments listed in this week’s treasury and be inspired!


4 thoughts on “Treasury Tuesday

  1. I love all of these! I think my fave though is the orange, green and blue circle combo by Yarnisland, divine!

    I also love this Treasury Tuesday idea, I’m going to add it to my To Do list!


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