Pom Pom Poncho

maRRose - CCC: Pom Pom PonchoThere are two kinds of crochet projects I usually work on: the relatively mindless ones, that I can easily do downstairs, surrounded by my lovely family – in front of the tv even. And the ones where counting is essential – these are the wips I work on in the solitude of my studio.

In need of a mindless wip, I decided to crochet a poncho, in black (2 strands of HEMA fine acrylic), big hook (9) and ….. for me!
New was the fact that I did not use a pattern, nothing to be very excited about because this poncho is easy-peasy.
maRRose - CCC: Pom Pom PonchoI started with a chain of 80 stitches, but the amount of stitches of course depends on the yarn/hooksize you’re working with. Just make sure the chain – when closed – fits comfortably over your head. Close the chain – and crochet dc’s all around in this first round. Then chain 3 (first dc of next round) and crochet 20 dc’s. Between dc number 20 and 21, you’ll now crochet: 2 dc’s, 1 chain, 2 dc’s. Continue crocheting until you are at the exact opposite side of your first corner at stitch number 60. In between stitch 60 and 61 you’ll crochet the start of your second point: 2dc’s, 1 chain, 2dc’s. Close round with slip stitch, chain 3 (first stitch of round 3), continue dc-ing one dc in every stitch until you’ve reached your first point again. In between the 2 sets of dc’s you’ll crochet: 2 dc’s, 1 chain, 2 dc’s. And basically that’s it – it’s really that simple!
maRRose - CCC: Pom Pom PonchoYou yourself will have to decide how many rounds you’ll want to crochet, just try your poncho-to-be on a couple of times to see whether you like it lengthwise – if not, crochet on.

My poncho has 32 rounds. At that stage I started crocheting the pom poms – you’ll find info/tutorials on those here, here and/or here. Depending on how big you want your pom poms, you’ll want to add loops on your hook – I made sure I had 6 loops on my hook before I pulled my yarn through.

Since I wanted some sort of a cowl on my poncho, I picked up all 80 stitches that I had started with, using sc’s. A ribbed look was what I was after, so I turned my work after every round of 80 sc’s and of course crocheted the back loops only. Again, you’ll have to decide what length of your cowl you’ll be comfortable with – my cowl has 22 rounds. I finished it off with a simple crab stitch.
maRRose - CCC: Pom Pom PonchoNow being a lover of colorful things I was very (very) tempted to add some colorful touches (a pink and red flower on the cowl, red trim and pink pompoms), but decided against it this time. I very much wanted a versatile poncho that would match with no matter what colors I was wearing and I’m happy it’s all black.

I do see a more colorful poncho in the not too distant future though …..


By the way: right when I was working on my poncho, I found Sheila’s beautiful and inspiring blog and noted we’d been sort of simultaneoulsy crocheting the same garment! Here‘s where you’ll find the tutorial of her lovely poncho!

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