Treasury Tuesday

maRRose - CCC: Treasury Tuesday, Crochet(ed) FoodWhen our kids were little, we were always looking for fun books, to either read them from, or have them “read” those book themselves. One of our very favorites was “Play with your Food”, by Joost Elffers, we all got a kick out of the fabulous photos in this book.

One of our resolutions for 2015 is to declutter our house …. I know, brave us!
The downstairs – including the kitchen area – is pretty much done and we’ve begon clearing out the attic. Not exactly a fun job, although, coming across things that have nice memories attached to them, actually is fun. Finding the “Play with your Food”-book surely brought back some good times.

It also made me think there should be crochet-food-to-play-with and sure enough I found some delightful crochet(ed) play food and thus a new Treasury Tuesday-list was born!

This weeks favorites:
maRRose - CCC: Treasury Tuesday, Crochet(ed) Food maRRose - CCC: Treasury Tuesday, Crochet(ed) FoodMind you: the popcorn bag is enormous: it’s a floor pillow about the size of an average bean bag chair – I love it!

Have a playful week!


4 thoughts on “Treasury Tuesday

  1. We cleared out the attic last year to turn it into a sewing room (photos on my blog). Going through all the ‘stuff’ was half the fun – until we discovered that mice had eaten some of it! All rodents have now left the building:)

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