Summer/Winter shawls

maRRose - CCC: "Puur Haken-shawl"Yesterday was a wonderful sunny day here in The Netherlands, so I got my lovely assistant out, and was finally able to make some photos and list the grey/black/pink shawl in my Etsy shop.
Winter in these parts of the world even has an impact on a blogger’s slash etsy seller’s life …. Too often it’s too dark to take decent photos – one more reason to crave for longer, brighter, and yes, warmer days!

Luckily I’ve seen some early signs of Spring during my daily walks with the dogs: yesterday I noticed some snowdrops. Although we were braving a heavy hailstorm at that very moment, just the sight of these elegant little flowers made me smile!

While shooting the grey shawl I realized I did show my “Summer Shawls” on Instagram, but never blogged about them, so here they are!
maRRose - CCC: "Puur Haken-shawl"

The first “Summer Shawl” was made with the “Alize Cotton Gold“, in a light pink (color 371). It was also the first project I made from Maaike van Koert’s lovely book “Puur Haken” (for more info, click here) and I so enjoyed crocheting it!
maRRose - CCC: "Puur Haken-shawl"maRRose - CCC: "Puur Haken-shawl"Pattern wise it was a nice change from the South Bay Shawls – another favorite – and not too long after the pink one I made this grey one.
maRRose - CCC: "Puur Haken-shawl"maRRose - CCC: "Puur Haken-shawl"maRRose - CCC: "Puur Haken-shawl"I used a double strand of the “Hema Fine” acrylic, hook 7 for the grey and black, and the last round is done with the same pink “Alize” that I crocheted the first “Summer Shawl” with.

Given the fact that it’s big and warm, it’s more of a “Winter Shawl” actually – I simply love how it turned out with the black and light pink border …..
maRRose - CCC: "Puur Haken-shawl"

What’s your favorite shawl-pattern? I’d love to hear, so please do share!maRRose - CCC: "Puur Haken-shawl"

Hopefully the sun’s shining today where you are too!


4 thoughts on “Summer/Winter shawls

  1. Dear Marianne, your shawls are so beautiful. I have used the South Bay Shawl pattern once as well and I do like it very much. But the pattern you used seems to be very beautiful, as well. These shawls are so convenient, aren’t they? I always have one around my shoulders and too often my daughter will take it to cover herself or her doll or she’ll wrap her cold feet into it after an afternoon spent outside. Have a nice evening, Viola


    • Thank you so very much for your more than lovely compliment, Viola! There are so many gorgeous patterns for shawls out there – and I have found out I love crocheting them, adding a little personal color touch here and there, sheer fun! Marianne xx


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