Valentine’s Day Swap

maRRose - CCC - Valentine's PincushionI sure hope your Valentine’s Day was a good one!
The somewhat grumpy inclined people among us may say it’s an over-commercialized holiday, but really: who does not like being given a card with sweet words written on it, a bunch of flowers, homemade heart-shaped cake, a thoughtful little present, or even simply some nice words from virtual friends?
maRRose - CCC - Valentine's Hearts

One of my virtual friends on Instagram organised a “Valentine’s Day Swap”, how’s that for nice? Once signed up and given a swap partner everybody set to work and made a cute heart-related present, then sent it off.

We all opened our Valentine’s Day gifts and shared photos on Instagram yesterday and really, it was so much fun! Just knowing someone took the time to craft something especially for you made it very special, even more so since we crafters/makers all know how much time and dedication is involved in handmade-with-love projects!
maRRose - CCC - Sharna's presents

Sweet Sharna was my partner-in-crafting and she surprised me with actually two beautiful hearts, one sewn and one crocheted, and I love both of them!
The fact that she made the effort to create something for me in a style different from the one I usually make things in and that her adorable 4 year old son helped sticking on the butterflies on the big heart make me love these wonderful gifts even more!

Now that everyone has opened and shown their Valentine’s Day goodies, I can show the things I made as well. The saying is “giving is better than receiving” – now that I’ve been given Sharna’s lovely presents, I’m not too sure about that anymore, but I definitely loved making my swap-goodies!

I’ve used this tutorial for the triangle pincushion, the little hearts that are sewn on top, can be made with this diy.
maRRose - CCC - Valentine's Pincushion

The lavender heart was crocheted following this pattern, I made two, crocheted them together with a contrasting color, filled the foot part of an old pantyhose with lavender, put that inside, added some fiberfill, closed the heart, stitched a ribbon on the heart and tadah!
maRRose - CCC - Valentine's Lavender HeartI made several cute 3-D hearts following this tutorial. The blue one was for Sharna’s daughter.
maRRose - CCC - Valentine's Heart “Rusty the Dog” was my little gift for her son and is a pattern from a book, “Grappige Gelukspoppetjes & Co.” by Annemarie Arts (in Dutch only, I’m afraid).maRRose - CCC - Rusty the dogmaRRose - CCC - Rusty the dog

With love,
Marianne xx

6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Swap

  1. I enjoyed the Christmas Swap so much that I really want to get involved in some more. Or maybe organize one myself? I love all your creations, but the little dog in particular stole my heart:)

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    • This swap was my very first one and I loved being part of it! Well, if you check out @DonnaQn on Instagram you should be ready to go for the next one: like she mentions in the comments above, she organizes swaps for most seasons ….. Thank you for your compliment, dear – ah, yes the little doggie is a cute one, loved making him! Marianne xx

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