Treasury Tuesday

maRRose - CCC: Treasury Tuesday - Crochet Baby BlanketsNo matter how much I love making blankets, making baby blankets is my very favorite.
When crocheting these I never seem to hit the low of feeling overwhelmed (“I’m never going to be able to finish this”), because – obviously – right at that very moment the blanket is done, ready to be gifted or sold.

Having experienced a high like that very recently – this blanket traveled all the way to France to live with a yet to be born sweet baby girl – I thought a Treasury Tuesday filled with crocheted baby blankets would be nice, if only for inspirational reasons.

Every week, while browsing Etsy, I’m astonished to come across so many talented makers; it’s truly amazing to find so many wonderful results, simply by typing “crocheted baby blanket” in the search field ….

The two amazing makers that I think deserve some extra attention, are:

maRRose - CCC: Treasury Tuesday - Crochet Baby BlanketsmaRRose - CCC: Treasury Tuesday - Crochet Baby Blankets

Be inspired and have a great week!
Marianne xx

10 thoughts on “Treasury Tuesday

  1. Ohh! Marianne! It’s such an honor found not just one but two of my blankets in your selection :)
    Crocheting baby blanket is my passion too!. I love to crochet them!
    ilu ( The Magic Corner on Etsy)

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  2. Nope, can’t decide which one I like the best this time! I don’t actually have a blanket on the go at the moment, which is unusual for me. Trouble is, there are so many fabulous examples out there that I want to make them all!

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  3. These are all so yummy. I just finished a queen size blanket and I sure can relate to being overwhelmed. I don’t know if I will do another large blanket again, maybe lapghans.

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    • Thanks, Patricia – they’re all so lovely, aren’t they? It’s funny, every once in a while I can’t resist the urge to start a big blanket again and I really do enjoy that process as well! Marianne xx


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