Summer Shawl

maRRose - CCC - Green summer shawlDuring the past week I’ve made yet another “Summer Shawl”, one of the beautiful projects from the “Puur Haken”-book by Maaike van Koert.
Apart from the fact that I love crocheting this pattern and am really pleased with the way it turned out, there’s such a lovely story connected to this shawl – I’d like to share it here with you.
maRRose - CCC - Green summer shawl

After a dear friend – who ever so kindly supports my little business – bought the blue South Bay Shawl, she asked me to make a Summer Shawl for her as well.
She was not sure about the color(s) in which she would like her shawl to be made, so I suggested she’d check out the gorgeous Alize yarn, that I have become to like very much. She spent quite some time browsing Yarnstreet’s extensive website (link here) and fell in love with the Bamboo Fine Batik, the beautiful 4557, in dark and light greens, some yellow and white thrown into the mix as well.
maRRose - CCC - Green summer shawl

And so I ordered the yarn, noting there were only 3 skeins available at that time. Went ahead anyway, figuring new skeins would be in stock soon and I would order more then. But …… they never came back into stock, grrrr. What to do, what to do?
I knew my friend had set her heart on these particular colors …….
All of a sudden I remembered one of the readers of my blog commenting on a post about my first endeavours with “Alize” yarn. In the comment section she told me this yarn was Turkish and – referring to my writing about the difficulty of buying this yarn in The Netherlands – offered to buy “Alize” for me in Turkye (where she lived) and send it to me, should I ever again have a problem obtaining it!maRRose - CCC - Green summer shawlmaRRose - CCC - Green summer shawlSuch a generous and kind offer – I was tickled pink reading her comment at the time and debated whether I could take her up on this now. My first reaction was “no”, I could not ask someone to do this for me, but decided to take the plunge and ask her.

maRRose - CCC - Green summer shawl

Being the very, very nice person she is – she offered her help in a heartbeat, found 5 skeins of the 4557 Alize Bamboo Fine Batik and made sure they landed on my doorstep! I surely don’t want to sound all sentimental and stuff, but, really, the kindness – I’m honestly taken aback by Marleen’s generosity and could easily get emotional about it …..maRRose - CCC - Green summer shawlmaRRose - CCC - Green summer shawl

And my friend …… she’s very happy with her summer shawl and also loves the special story that lies behind its creation!

Marianne xx

8 thoughts on “Summer Shawl

  1. I concur on the green but Apple and Lime are such cheery shades, what’s not to love? Super story behind the yarn – bloggers are such friendly and kind people, aren’t they?

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  2. I’m not surprised at all! Knitters and crocheters are the most kind of all. Great story and gorgeous shall. I don’t typically like green, but this is lovely.


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    • They sure are! Thanks, Sheila – ha, that’s a funny coincidence: green is not one of my favorite colors either, but, yes, I really like how these greens worked together in this shawl too! Marianne xx


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