The “Dijon” Blanket

maRRose CCC - The Dijon BlanketTa-dah!
The “Dijon” Blanket is finished and I’m so very happy with the way it turned out – I’m afraid I’m going to bombard you with photos!
maRRose CCC - The Dijon BlanketAs you can read here, it was quite the struggle to get it started, but once I had things figured out, it was pretty much plain sailing.
A lot of crochet hours went into this plain sailing, but hours well spent – I truly enjoyed the ride. The beautiful texture of this stitch/pattern makes sure this (baby or lap) blanket is really comfy and warm.
maRRose CCC - The Dijon BlanketI tried some different things for the border, but decided this strong geometric pattern asked for an absolutely non-frilly finishing touch. So just one row in sc (US) with the charcoal yarn it is.
maRRose CCC - The Dijon Blanket

While working on this blanket, I was wondering whether you too crochet things in a color combination that you’ve really fallen for, but know beforehand that it’s not going to fit into your home decor …….
maRRose CCC - The Dijon BlanketmaRRose CCC - The Dijon Blanket maRRose CCC - The Dijon BlanketFor me, the love of a certain color combo and the idea I have in my head pretty much always make me go ahead and make the project.
It’s a good thing there’s friends and family to gift handmade things too, and of course there’s my Etsy shop, in which this beauty is already listed.

I’m almost too embarrased to admit it, but I’ve already picked out new colors to start another one …….
Should you want to give this pattern a go as well, here‘s where you’ll find the tutorial!
maRRose CCC - The Dijon Blanket

Some details:
Size: 91 x 71 cm; 63 blocks of 10 cm (9 x 7 rows);
Weight: approx. 450 grams

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter weekend, filled with the things that make you happy!

Marianne xx

13 thoughts on “The “Dijon” Blanket

  1. Beautiful and striking colourway – I tend to start yet another blanket when I have absolutely no need (or room!) for another! Gifting them is therefore the only way I can justify it which also means choosing colours which I wouldn’t choose for my home. Best of both really:)


  2. As far as home decor and things that do not match, I am a firm believer that one or 2 things is a room should NOT match. If it is all too matchy-matchy, then it looks like you try too hard and you are not really “living” in the room, it’s more like a showroom. Real people have unmatching things going on and the room is comfy.


    • I agree with you, Kim – personal and colorful items like books, (kids’) artwork & paintings, photos, pillows, fresh flowers/plants take care of that in our living room. In this particular case I simply liked the idea of “all grey” more (see previous post about the “Tulip Blanket”) than this colorful one and just know it will add even more warmth and beauty in our home …… Marianne xx


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