The Tulip Blanket

maRRose - CCC: The Tulip BlanketYay! I’ve finished my “Tulip Blanket” and I could not be happier with it!
It turned out exactly the way I hoped, and not only does it look beautiful, it’s very comfy and warm as well, and I love snuggling (crocheting, haha) under it.

It all started when I fell in love with Saskia’s “Tulpen Deken” a couple of weeks ago (blogged about that earlier, you can read that post here), and I just couldn’t wait to have mine finished!

The link to the free pattern can be found here (sofar only in Dutch I’m afraid, but I believe an English version is underway).
maRRose - CCC: The Tulip Blanket

It’s funny how I noticed, when I saw Saskia’s blanket two weeks ago, that she has squared her Tulip Blanket off on the long sides, and I’ve done this on the short sides – for no particular reason.
maRRose - CCC: The Tulip BlanketmaRRose - CCC: The Tulip BlanketAlso, I’ve crocheted little tulips on the square top and bottom of my blanket, so basically there’s a “little tulip border” all around the blanket – I love how that looks too …..
maRRose - CCC: The Tulip Blanket

Some specifics:
* size: 140 x 110 cm (55 1/8 x 43 5/16 inches)
* 10 half blocks, 36 tulip blocks, 25 “bare” blocks
* weight: 776 grams
* yarn: Hema Fine, acrylic, double strands, hooksize 6
maRRose - CCC: The Tulip BlanketAnd what a fitting season for these tulips to bloom ……

Marianne xx

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