Follow-up Friday

maRRose - CCC --- Rosebud Shawl-04Crochet-wise this week has been all about finishing two big crochet projects – and I’m pleased I’ve been able to accomplish exactly that!

One of them is the special project I mentioned last week, the one I can’t show you yet unfortunately, but the other one I most certainly can and will show you, because I’m very content with the way it turned out.
maRRose - CCC --- Black Shawl-01When I started the black shawl, my idea of how it was going to look was a far cry from what it looks now. Seeing the big black crochet body grow, I knew I had to adjust my plans for the border to something very different – I got a hunch, if I wouldn’t adjust, it was not going to be pretty at all.
maRRose - CCC --- Rosebud Shawl-09Now that it’s done, I’m so happy I followed my gut feeling: the adjusted border looks much better than the one previously planned….. I now love my “Rosebud Shawl”!
maRRose - CCC --- Rosebud Shawl-03The design I originally had in mind will materialize soon in an altered way – I can’t wait to give this a try too, so that’s good stimulation to get on with the wip list – as if I need any ;).
maRRose - CCC --- Rosebud Shawl-06 maRRose - CCC --- Rosebud Shawl-05Talking about the wip list: I’m proud to announce I’ve already checked off 6 (six!) projects since the start of this quest, 4 of which where time-consuming ones: woohoo!
maRRose - CCC --- Rosebud Shawl-07I’m also very happy to tell you our son Carter arrived home Wednesday.
He’s still in a lot of pain, but it’s so nice to be together as a family again.
Yesterday he was seen by a surgeon specialized in foot reconstruction in the AMC – the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam. On Tuesday we’ll be back in the AMC and discuss the treatment plan with the medical team.

We’re confident he’s in good hands and trying to keep our spirits high for a full recovery!
maRRose - CCC --- Rosebud Shawl-08On that positive note I’d like to wish you all a wonderful weekend,
Marianne xx

16 thoughts on “Follow-up Friday

  1. Very, very pretty Marianne! Beautiful border, turned out real nice. And very nice to hear about Carter getting home. Hope he’ll recover soon and fully <3

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  2. This shawl is so beautiful! I want one myself now. Is there any pattern for the border?
    Your color selection was perfect imho.
    Good luck to your son!

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