Treasury Tuesday

maRRose - CCC --- Treasury Tuesday, Modern Crochet-03After a long Fall with lots of unseasonably warm days, we’re finally experiencing Winter here. Plenty of sunshine, some frost on the ground – it’s surely adding extra beautiful vistas to my daily walks with Mila.
maRRose - CCC --- Nature-114b maRRose - CCC --- Nature-115But still: it’s bitterly cold outside, and quite honestly I felt like making another “Treasury Tuesday” filled with just blankets ……
Apart from the urge to cover myself with crocheted blankets, there was a craving for warm, fresh out of the oven bread. Having used Lucy’s “no-knead bread”-recipe before, I started some dough Sunday afternoon.
maRRose - CCC --- No-Knead Bread-02And, boy-oh-boy did these “no-kneads” turn out great!
The one on the left is a parmesan cheese&pancetta white bread, the darker one a pesto&smoked chicken wheat: both delicious, and so easy to make/bake!

Resisting the impulse to hunt for blankets again, I searched for “modern crochet” instead, and was really surprised to find so many lovely projects, that – indeed – look like they would fit in any modern home or lifestyle. Modern crochet is this week’s “Treasury Tuesday” ‘s theme.
I’m always stunned by the creative geniuses that use crochet as a technique to make jewelry, and also love the design of this vest.
maRRose - CCC --- Treasury Tuesday, Modern Crochet-01maRRose - CCC --- Treasury Tuesday, Modern Crochet-02Stay warm (or cool) this coming week,
Marianne xx

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