Instagram Crochet Party

maRRose - CCC --- Crochet Show and Tell-01Just try to picture this: a gorgeous yarn store, 25 lovely and creative ladies, at least 100 of their wonderful projects, lots of cake, drinks, made-with-love presents…… yep, there you have it: yesterday’s glorious Instagram Crochet Party at Echtstudio.
Gosh, it was so much fun – I’m still feeling all pumped up and happy!
maRRose - CCC --- Instagram Crochet Party-18maRRose - CCC --- Instagram Crochet Party-19Meeting people who I can share my passion for anything yarn and craft related with, is one of the things I’m probably enjoying most ever since I started my wooly adventures a few years ago.
It’s simply so inspiring to get together with like minded buddies, especially the ones that you already kind of know through their Instagram account.

We were all asked to bring some of our projects, which resulted in a delightful show and tell (and touch ;). Truly special to see everyone’s beautiful crochet and/or knitting in real life!
maRRose - CCC --- Instagram Crochet Party-20Above you’ll see (from left to right, top to bottom): Dorien‘s fantabulous Frida-bag, Manon‘s all so beautifully made crochet projects, rightfully very happy Lidy with her gorgeous Rustic Lace Square throw, and last but not least Janneke‘s grand scarf.

Below (and first photo in this blog post) are my show&tell goodies: the Lucy cushion, my Rustic Lace Square blanket-to-be, the flowery tea cosy, granny square blanket “Wynter“, and my latest corner-to-corner project.
maRRose - CCC --- Crochet Show and Tell-02

The Echtstudio owner said that he was astonished to see that when this group of 25 came in yesterday afternoon, we all started talking immediately…. and did not stop doing so. And he had not even realized we mainly talked about yarn, patterns, and projects, haha!maRRose - CCC --- Instagram Crochet Party-15The awesome trio that organized yesterday’s party, Lisanne, Miriam and Noor, made sure we all felt warmly welcomed, and equally pampered.
There were beautiful handmade gifts for everyone, as well as a delicious goody bag.
A huge “thank you” of course to them, but also to Echtstudio, Helen of Bijderwets for her cool pattern-gift, and Jacqueline for her ever so pretty bracelets.

Lisanne, Miriam and Noor were showered with – mostly handmade – gifts as well, and these are the little presents I brought.
maRRose - CCC --- pincushions-25maRRose - CCC --- Hama Bead Dear-01With a head and heart full of friendship and inspiration I came home, only to find more loveliness!
Sweet Joyce / MEZ11 surprised me with these two beautiful leather tags, saying that the rose-print made her think of me instantly.
maRRose - CCC --- Instagram Crochet Party-14And then she sent them to me, just like that ….. ig-friends truly are the best: thank you, sweetheart – I looooove them.

But wait …. there’s more …..;)
The Dutch February/March issue of “Simply Haken” was in my mailbox too, and I’m thrilled to tell you that I’ve been featured in this copy with a lovely interview, and some great photos of my work.
maRRose - CCC --- Simply Haken februari-maart 2016-01We have a saying in Dutch to express how incredibly proud one can be: “ik ben zo trots als een aap”, so yes, I’m as proud as a monkey!

Have a good Sunday!
Marianne xx

10 thoughts on “Instagram Crochet Party

  1. Wat een heerlijke dag hebben jullie gehad. En wat leuk dat je in de Simply Haken staat. Gefeliciteerd!!! Je maakt prachtige dingen, dus het is verdiend.
    Groetjes Sandra

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wat een heerlijk verslag van deze waanzinnige leuke middag ! Helemaal zoals jij het beschrijft, die warme speciale sfeer…hoe bijzonder dat is ! Ik heb genoten !! En morgen gelijk op pad voor de Simply Haken,hoe cool dat jij er met al je mooie projecten in staat !! Tot snel, lots of live XMir

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dank-dank-dank, lieve Mir – zonder jouw (en Lisanne&Noor’s) geweldige organisatie (met zoveel aandacht voor styling en details ook), was het nooit zo leuk geworden! Ben ook zo blij met je kadootjes – staan te pronken in m’n werkkamer (met dank aan Hans ook)! Ja, tof, hé, m’n artikel in Simply Haken – ben echt zo trots als een monkey …. Liefs, Mar xx


  3. Wat heerlijk om de dag middels dit leuke stukje weer even her te beleven! Wat een bofkonten zijn we eigenlijk dat we onze passie en interesse konden delen met 25 super lieve en gezellige dames! En wat super leuk dat je in de Simply haken staat!! Morgen meteen even naar de tijdschriftenwinkel rennen om hem te kopen! :) Fijne zondag nog lieve Marianne!
    Liefs Caroline

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dank voor je lieve reactie, Caroline! Jaaaa, enórme bofkonten zijn wij, dat realiseer ik me ook zeer! En volgende keer hoop ik toch echt ook met jou uitgebreider te kletsen! Fijne week,
      Marianne xx


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