Treasury Tuesday

maRRose - CCC --- Treasury Tuesday, Crochet Coasters-03There are many reasons why I knów it’s wise to write my “Treasury Tuesday”-posts in advance, but I hardly ever do this.
Today I’m regretting that ……

Because, I’m just sitting here, not knowing what to say/write after having just heard the terrible news of the bombings in Brussels – so close to home.
My first impulse was to not write anything at all, and skip this week’s “Treasury Tuesday”.

But you know what? However hard this is, I refuse to let bad things get to me!
My heart and thoughts go out to the people affected by this horrible act, but in my little world (and corner of the internet) I will try my best to focus on the good and positive – even though this might seem impossible at times.

Creating, feeling connected to the lovely group of makers that I know, spreading kindness, is the only thing I feel I’m capable of doing.
I think – and know – I’m not the only person whose spirit is lifted when creating/crocheting, so let us continue to do so.
Let’s create, make our little corner of the world a more beautiful place, spread some happiness through our work!

maRRose - CCC --- Treasury Tuesday, Crochet Coasters-01 maRRose - CCC --- Treasury Tuesday, Crochet Coasters-02So, yes, I will post my “Treasury Tuesday”, even today, and hope you’ll find solace and comfort in these troublesome times too – whether it’s by listening to music, doing some gardening, going for a walk, or by being creative.
I know I’ll be taking Mila for an extra long walk, and be doing some much needed and meditative crocheting ……

Marianne xx

8 thoughts on “Treasury Tuesday

  1. Dear Marianne, you are more than right! We shouldn’t be scared stiff by those horrible acts of inhumanity! Let us spread love, beauty and hope, if only by showing our crochet makes. Thnak you for sharing your ‘Treasury Tuesday’. I love crochet coasters! Viola

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  2. Carolien I send you all my love. I live near the border of Antwerpen in Holland. I love Belgium it feels like home for us. I hope you and your love ones are safe. Enjoy the beautifull and kinds things on Bloglovin en Facebook.

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  3. It’s terrible what happened, here in Brussels. But when something bad happened, you must keep seeing the beautiful things. That’s the reason why I now am looking at all the beautiful crochet stuff on bloglovin’. Thanks for sharing your ‘Treasury Tuesday’.

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