Welcome to my colorful world of crochet and crafts!
I love that you’re visiting, and apparently want to know a little bit more about the woman behind this blog. As you might have read on the main page: I’m Marianne, I’m in my mid-fifties, Dutch, and I live in near Amsterdam/The Netherlands, with my husband, our two teenagers, a cat and a dog.

I have always liked being creative, from when I was a child. Coloring, drawing, making puppets, using the shells I found on the beach to decorate boxes, anything crafty – I loved it.

My first piece of crochet was a poncho, in pink, green and white and I was 9 years old when I finished that. I clearly remember feeling ever so proud when I could finally wear it, although ponchos had gone out of fashion already by that time :)!

After my professional career as a management assistant I have revived my long lost creative side, and have actually discovered that this is where my true passion lies …… Never too old to find out, right? Quilting, knitting, crafting in general, but mainly crochet. Ever since I picked up my hook again back in 2010 I’ve been doing so with great pleasure and joy.

I usually find inspiration on the web (Blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest), but I enjoy going through craft/crochet books as well and sometimes even (the colors of) a painting or add can ignite a project. Once I start crocheting I like to put my own little twist on the things I make. Also, I’ve found I’m mostly drawn towards bright colors.
The bigger part of my crocheted projects have been put to use in our own home, and in my beloved and very colorfully decorated “Tuin 11” (our small cabin on the waterfront) – or have been gifted. Despite all this, my craft room started to get overcrowded with my vividly colored crocheted makings.

At that point, people suggested that I would start selling my crochet creations, while others encouraged me to start a blog, to share my love of crochet.
And this is exactly what I did.
You’ve obviously found my blog (I’m thrilled that you did), and you can experience even more “maRRose” on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Last but not least you can check out some of my work that is for sale in my web shop, on Etsy.

Since that very first blog post at the end of 2013 a lot has happened to me and “maRRose”, all good stuff.
Friendships – virtual ones, but also real ones – have been built. I feel connected to many talented makers, not only here in The Netherlands, but around the world, and I could not be more pleased, happier and excited about that.

I love that my initial wish to inspire others – thus giving back a little of my knowledge and inspiration to the crochet/craft community – has come true.
I also love the many opportunities and fun adventures that I’ve experienced through “maRRose”.
Just to pick a few: my YouTube-interview for the “Koffie&Wol-show”, a full page interview in “Simply Haken” (Dutch sister publication of “Simply Crochet Magazine”), and very recently, becoming a dedicated CraftKitchen-blogger and designer – all so very exciting!
The best thing’s probably, that I have a feeling there’s a whole lot more interesting things lying ahead in “maRRose”s future, and I can’t wait for them to happen, and share them here with you!

Again, thanks so much for stopping by, I do hope you feel at home here and will visit again. Make sure to leave a quick note – I would love to hear from you!

Marianne xx

9 thoughts on “About

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  2. I have found that crocheting helps me get over times of anixiety and also when I feel depressed I l9ve looking at other peoples works as they give me ideas I also love toing taperstry and embrodiey

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  3. Je maakt harstikke leuke dingen. Geweldig. Ik wou dat ik zo creatief was. Ik vind de emilia pop helemaal te gek. Het origele patroon is van nog zo,n creatieve duizendpoot Annaboo. Ik heb pas haar pop ontdekt , waar jij het patroon van hebt, bij de etsy shop en vind het heel jammer dat ik het patroon niet meer kan kopen. Weet jij een manier? Zou me helemaal blij maken. Groetjes Liesbeth.

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    • Ha Liesbeth! Dankjewel voor je mooie compliment ….. Ik was van plan je te adviseren om even rechtstreeks met Sarah contact op te nemen, maar ik zie nèt een berichtje van haar op Instagram, dat al haar patronen weer in haar Etsy winkel staan – echt puur toeval! Goed nieuws dus, want nu kun je meteen aan de slag met jouw eigen Astrid/Emília pop! Veel succes en plezier! Marianne xx


  4. Hi, Marianne – I’m suregal27 from Instagram! I’m just starting to realize that the names and faces I see on Instagram belong to people who have books, shops, shows and blogs in real life! So I thought I would check you out. You are one of the nicest Instagram people I know – so cheery and encouraging. I’m always happy when I see an Instagram post from you, or a “like” or a comment left by you. Thanks for the happiness and color you bring to the internet!
    Love, Susan.


    • Hi Susan,
      How fun to be connected here too! Aw….. that is so, so sweet of you to say – I’m actually blushing right now. Your lovely comment has definitely made my day. I’m honestly very happy to have found you on IG as well: your artwork has blown me away! So, see you there again soon! Love, Marianne xx


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