KreaDoe – Yarn Ends Bowl

From October 28 – November 1, 2015 the biggest annual craft & hobby fair in The Netherlands is going to be held again in “De Jaarbeurshallen” in Utrecht: KreaDoe.
Whether you love to crochet, knit, sew, make cards, design jewellery, or bake cakes, well basically ànything creative: you’ll find it there. A true paradise for any creative person!

It’s not the kind of fair that you visit to only wátch beautiful stuff (which is fun in itself, of course), no: there’s a wealth of workshops and activities, meet&greets going on as well – now, that’s what we really love, don’t we?

And the coolest thing happened: I was asked to blog for KreaDoe, together with some other bloggers, like JipbyJan, DraadenPraat, Dendennis, LotteHaakt, ConfettiLab, all of us sharing a couple of our favorite diy’s, that are now nicely being gathered in one place.
I’m sure you’ll all be inspired by just the beautiful photos of these pretty do-it-yourself projects – just a little note for you non-Dutch readers: you will have to turn Google Translate on.

My very first blog post for KreaDoe was published last week, and it’s a personal favorite: how to make a yarn ends bowl.
maRRose - CCC: yarnendsI think I’ve made 3 big ones and 4 smaller ones so far (plus a lamp, hearts, votives, you can read about that here) and I still love making them. As a matter of fact, the container that holds my yarn ends is filled to the brim, so there’s some more yarn ends play in my foreseeable future.

To make the bowl, you can find the English diy here, and the Dutch version here. Thanks to KreaDoe the tutorial is available in both languages now! Have fun!

I’m working on my second blog post for KreaDoe right this moment, and will let you know here as soon as it’s published. I’ll have a little giveaway (well, actually two) ready for you then as well …..

maRRose- CCC ---KreaDoe-kaartje-met-korting-bannerOn top of all this: me blogging for KreaDoe means there’s something in it for you too!
If you order your tickets by clicking on the KreaDoe banner or this link, you won’t pay the regular price of Eur. 12,50 per ticket, but you’ll get yours for just Eur. 10,00 each.
A Eur. 2,50 discount per ticket’s pretty nice, I’d say.

Now, I’m planning to visit KreaDoe on Thursday October 29, and wouldn’t it be lovely to see you there in person? Please let me know if you’re going – very much looking forward to it!

Marianne xx

Meet the Blogger – Amsterdam Conference 2015

maRRose - CCC --- MTBAMS2015-31This past weekend I had the enormous pleasure of attending the 5th “Meet the Blogger – Amsterdam Conference 2015″.
Last year was my first time there and I so enjoyed the inspiring keynote speeches, workshops and meeting blogging colleagues, that deciding to attend this year’s meeting was basically a no-brainer.

And to tell you the truth: it was even better, and more inspirational than in 2014 – terrific job done Meet the Blogger-team!
maRRose - CCC --- MTBAMS2015-25The highlight of thís weekend was most definitely the speakers that kicked off the program on Saturday: the amazing Elsie and Emma from the immensely popular blog “A Beautiful Mess”. Their blog attracts two million unique visitors every single month – unbelievable!
They gave an honest insight in their blogging journey, shared tips (organization is key!, be adventurous, take calculated risks), took their time to answer everyone’s questions, it was absolutely wonderful!
I also loved some of their quotes: “You already have what you Need”, “Look up to Heroes but don’t Compare Yourself” ……
maRRose - CCC --- MTBAMS2015-27Saturday’s last big get-together in plenary was with delightful Yvonne (gorgeous blog “Yvestown”), and she too shared her blogging adventures – ups ánd downs – with us; I loved her presentation (all done by heart!). She shared some pretty exciting Yvestown-news with us: there’ll be a new book and a line of stationary, plus she’ll be opening a shop (in her home, as well as online).

There were several break-out sessions/workshops during these two days that I enjoyed (an excellent one on “Pinterest” for instance, by Nienke Krook) – also: they were extremely useful.
maRRose - CCC --- MTBAMS2015-30Day two started with the “Meet the Blogger/VT Wonen” awards ceremony, and these are the talented winners:
Audience Award beginner: A Cup of Life
Audience Award advanced: Zilverblauw
Meet the blogger award beginner: Remade with Love
Meet the blogger award advanced: Binti Home Blog
Innovation award: Urban Jungle Bloggers

Right after they received their award Judith and Igor, who started their exceptional blog in 2013 and are the driving forces behind it, presented themselves and their global plant loving community of 600 international bloggers in Sunday’s first keynote (and I loved their story).

After that another interesting workshop, a delicious lunch and the very last presentation by Lars Lyse Hansen, the CEO of the successful Danish design company Bolia, who has the ambition to become the world`s most creative home furnishing company.
News scoop: They’ll be opening up a Bolia-store in Amsterdam (Utrechtsestraat) in December.

Then it was time to go home ……. feeling tired but energized at the same time, and inspired above all. Lots of information to digest and to start working with.
Also, feeling privileged to have met so many lovely bloggers – quite the international community – colleagues travelling from Israel, Norway, Germany, the UK, expats that live in The Netherlands – that too was one of the best parts of “MTBAMS-2015”.
Add to that a fantastic location – Hotel Casa 400 – and catering, well really, what more can you ask for?
maRRose - CCC --- MTBAMS2015-32 maRRose - CCC --- MTBAMS2015-33Teaming up with sweet Nerissa (blog “Miss Neriss”) was the cherry on my MTB-cake ….. thát and the crazy goodie bags we all received at the end of day 2 ……
maRRose - CCC --- MTBAMS2015-34 maRRose - CCC --- MTBAMS2015-36Next year’s dates have already been announced and jotted down in my calendar: October 1+2, MTBAMS-2016!

Marianne xx