Follow-up Friday – The Happy Bag

maRRose - CCC --- Yarn Ends Bag-07Technically this is not a “Follow-up Friday”-project, simply because it was an in-between-I-got-sidetracked-kind of project. It only started less than a week ago ……

The real beginning was this project in blue, off-white and red: a corner-to-corner piece of crochet, where I use a counted cross stitch pattern (found on the internet, here).
maRRose - CCC - pixelated corner-to-corner-01I’ve done pixelated crochet before, as I’ve used the c-2-c-technique, but never in the same piece of work. You might remember my “pixelated cushion”, made using a counted cross stitch pattern, by crocheting tiny, one round, granny squares, joining them as I went.
maRRose - CCC pixelated cushion-01Having seen a lot of beautiful “corner-to-corner” crochet as of lately, I thought it would be fun to give it a go again, this time in combination with a cross stitch pattern.
If you want to try c-2-c crochet, you’ll find a great tutorial (video) here – even though it’s in Dutch, it’s so well explained visually, that I think anyone would be able to understand.
More tutorials can be found here, here and here.
maRRose - CCC --- Yarn Ends Bag-23I loved the aforementioned pattern. A google search request simply using the watermark on the pattern, “Hetti”, and the words “cross stitch patterns” luckily brought me to the designer’s website, and I’m so glad I landed there! What a talented maker she is, and a wonderful sharer too: there are a lot of lovely patterns for all of us to use for free.

I’m enjoying crocheting this “Dutch Delft Blue”-c-2-c, but it’s very time-consuming, and I can only work on it a couple of hours per sitting. However, I’m loving the simplicity of the stitch, liking the stitch definition, and while looking for a rather mindless crochet project to balance things out, a small light bulb went off. How about doing a second c-2-c project using my left over yarn? And so I did.
maRRose - CCC --- Yarn Ends Bag-30For a rather control-minded person, it was a bit of a challenge to stick to my own rule of not planning too-too much color wise this time around. Still, I could not resist a little color joke here and there, hence the red-white-and-blue of the Dutch flag, mixed with the royal orange…..:)
It was fun to crochet with a particular yarn, until the very end of it, and start with a new color, no matter whether this was in the middle of a row or not.
maRRose - CCC --- Yarn Ends Bag-32maRRose - CCC --- Yarn Ends Bag-24maRRose - CCC --- Yarn Ends Bag-12Seeing the many, many yarn ends was a bit daunting at first, but to tell you the truth: sewing them in proved to be a good exercise in the mindfullness-department ;), and it didn’t bother me at all.
maRRose - CCC --- Yarn Ends Bag-05Not having enough left-over yarn for a real big project, first I thought of turning this project into a cushion cover. But….. all of a sudden I remembered the leather bag handles that had been sitting in my craft room for too long! A bag it was!
maRRose - CCC --- Yarn Ends Bag-22maRRose - CCC --- Yarn Ends Bag-09I was so impatient to see whether it would look just as pretty as the picture I had in my head, that I kind of raced through the whole process. Which means this is another “ta-dah”-post, because the bag is all done, lining, pockets and all!
maRRose - CCC --- Yarn Ends Bag-26She’s a robust bag, more like a shopper actually, and I can’t help myself, but I’m totally in love……..
I can’t wait to take her with me on a special trip tomorrow!
maRRose - CCC --- Yarn Ends Bag-21Have a lovely weekend!
Marianne xx

Happy Flower Power Bag

maRRose - CCC: Happy Flower Power BagThe list of projects I want to make is endless ……
And although I do manage to tick things off that list, it’s still constantly growing due to the fabulous inspiration that I (and I’m sure you too) am surrounded with. Gorgeous blog posts, beautiful photos on Instagram, not to mention Pinterest as a never-ending source of creativity …..

Of course it’s not the real kind of “tough”, but still …… kinda tough to pick a project, FINISH it, and not be distracted by numerous projects that also scream: “make me, make me!”.

One of the things that has been on my have-to-make-list for a long time was this bag, made of an old pair of jeans. With a fast growing teenage son in da house, there was no lack of old jeans and a couple of weeks ago I finally set off to make my own!

If you google “how to make a bag of an old pair of jeans”, you’ll find these helpful DIYs/HOW TOs (45.000.000 hits …..). I was inspired by this particular one, and gave my own twist to it, which I will show you here.

In short: you cut off the legs, straighten the bottom part, sew front and back together.
maRRose - CCC: Happy Flower Power Bag

From the legs, you cut the handles, stitch them on the inside of the bag.

maRRose - CCC: Happy Flower Power Bag Measure out the lining, sew the inner bag together and hand stitch it into the bag.
maRRose - CCC: Happy Flower Power BagmaRRose - CCC: Happy Flower Power BagmaRRose - CCC: Happy Flower Power BagThat’s basically it – now the fun part starts: decorating your bag!
maRRose - CCC: Happy Flower Power Bag

Once the bag was sewn – an easy and quick task – I began to dress it up.
You know how I love crochet flowers ( remember the flowery tea cosy?), so these had to be appliquéd onto my bag, as well as a colorful heart here and there.
maRRose - CCC: crochet flowers

I love the fact that the original jeans pockets come in handy, to store a lipstick, a phone. I’ve added two pockets on the inside of the bag and used lovely Andrée’s idea to recycle two lonely crochet hexagons that were sitting somewhere in my craftroom.
06 maRRose - CCC: Happy Flower Power Bag In order to be able to properly close the bag, I crocheted some twenty chains, slip stitched back and sewed the loop onto the back of the bag; this way I can simply use the button of the jeans.
maRRose - CCC: Happy Flower Power Bag           maRRose - CCC: Happy Flower Power Bag          maRRose - CCC: Happy Flower Power Bag  maRRose - CCC: Happy Flower Power BagmaRRose - CCC: Happy Flower Power BagMy “Happy Flower Power Bag” was finished a week ago and taken on its first outing last Sunday! Many more expeditions are foreseen ……

Marianne xx