Friendship Bracelets

maRRose - CCC: friendship braceletsOver the last couple of months I’ve seen people make some very pretty bracelets (for instance here, here/here or here, here and here). While working on my Homely Blanket and the Bétaille Throw, I could do with a fun little side project and tried my hand at making some pretty bracelets too.
maRRose - CCC: friendship bracelets

maRRose - CCC: friendship braceletsmaRRose - CCC: friendship braceletsVia the beautiful Instagram-feed of Kikalite, I found a great tutorial done by ChiWei from the One Dog Woof-blog (link here), but I quickly came to the conclusion that working with thread was too fiddly for me. Thus I switched to my trusted Katia-cotton and adapted the “One Dog Woof”-tutorial, so it would work for the 3,5 mm hook (and me…)!
maRRose - CCC: friendship braceletsJust in case you’re not the fiddly-crochet kind of person either, here’s how I made my cotton wrist bands:

Things you’ll need:
* any kind of yarn (great scrap project/stash buster) + crochet hook (size as suggested on yarn-label). I used “Katia Capri”, a 100% mercerized cotton, hooksize 3,5 (US: E/4, UK/Canada: 9)
* beads (I used 11 per bracelet)
* darning needle, pair of siccors
maRRose - CCC: friendship bracelets

Thread the beads onto your yarn, push them toward the skein of yarn;
Chain 50 + 1 (= turning chain), turn;
Double crochet (US: sc) 25 + 1 turning chain, turn your work;
maRRose - CCC: friendship braceletsDouble crochet 2, * slide 1st bead close to where you are going to make the next db, thus crocheting the bead “onto” your bracelet;
Double crochet 1, repeat from * 10 times;
maRRose - CCC: friendship braceletsEnd with a db in the last two stitches, 1 chain (turning chain), turn your work and db the 25 stitches of the beaded part of your bracelet, slipstitch in the last chain, fasten off, leaving a long tail;
maRRose - CCC: friendship braceletsAttach yarn on the other side of the bracelet, chain 25, fasten off, leaving a long tail
Make 2 or 3 knots at both end sides of the bracelets, as close to the chains as possible;
sew in other end(s) (back stitching, making sure they’re secured tightly).
Ta-dah! Your friendship bracelet is done!
maRRose - CCC: friendship bracelets

maRRose - CCC: friendship bracelets

maRRose - CCC: friendship braceletsEven the very simple ones look really cute, I think …..
maRRose - CCC: friendship braceletsLet friendship rule!

Pixelated cushion – finished!

maRRose - CCC - pixelated cushionIt’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post…..
One of the reasons for that was our ski vacation in the Swiss Alps; it was wónderful, but had a kind of nasty end. On day five of this fun and snow filled week, our 17-year-old daughter had a ski accident and injured her knee badly. She’s been on crutches ever since and is scheduled to have surgery on March 19th ……
maRRose - CCC - Swiss Alps maRRose - CCC - Swiss Alps maRRose - CCC - Swiss Alps

So, last week was a busy one, filled with doctors’ appointments, driving the patient back and forth to school, guitar lessons etc.
This week looks a bit “lighter”, actually in a very literal way too, since we’re enjoying fantastic springlike weather here. And after all the rain and greyness, we were very ready for a treat like this.

In the meantime, I have been crocheting, working on my  Crochet Mood Blanket 2014 (more about that in another post), but mainly focussing on the pixelated cushion cover (I already wrote about that here) and yes, yes, I’ve – finally – finished it yesterday.
maRRose - CCC - pixelated cushion maRRose - CCC - pixelated cushion maRRose - CCC - pixelated cushionTo tell you the truth I almost fell out of love with this project ….. Só many tiny squares to crochet. You wouldn’t say, but there are 289 one of them!!! Luckily towards the end quite the opposite happened.

Totally IN love all over again! And the funny thing is: (once again) this cushion in no way fits the decor of our home but I still love how it turned out: it makes me vèry happy to just look at it …… I’m especially thrilled with the border and the way the pompoms put on the perfect finishing touch.
Can you tell I’m chuffed to pieces with it ;)?
maRRose - CCC - pixelated cushion

I’ve written a little “diy”, that you’ll find here, or under “tutorials/DIY” at the top of this page, so you can have a go at this too.
And although I promised myself to never do a project like this, my head is already buzzing with ideas …… You see, the possibilities are endless ….. you can convert ány counted cross stitch pattern into crochet, and I have to admit I’ve already pinned a few to my pinterest board …..

Yay for creative inspiration!

X-mas garland

x-mas garlandThis garland was a quick and joyful project. Using Attic24’s pattern for the holly leaves, Sandra’s (Cherry Heart) tutorial for the cute stars and adding these lovely little hearts (pattern here) to show I really, really  l o v e  Christmas you can do this too, and be done right before your Christmas 2013 celebrations start!

x-mas garland