Valentine’s Day

maRRose - CCC: Valentine's JarsLiving in the USA for almost 8 years has been a wonderful experience. One of the things that I had no problem with to adept to al all, was the joy and exuberance with which holidays are being celebrated over there.

To me this meant having a zest for life, wanting to emphasize the positive, seize the day, celebrate whenever you can and I liked that.
Coming from a country where the most common saying is “doe maar gewoon, dan doe je al gek genoeg” (in short: “act normal”, explained in more detail: here), oh, yes, I liked the US-approach, a LOT!

So, with Valentine’s Day coming up, I couldn’t wait to start making some cute little presents – a variation on what I did last Christmas – and I thought I’d share this project here.

maRRose - CCC: Valentine's Jars

Valentine’s Jars – a diy:
Things you’ll need:
* empty jars with lids
* yarn
* crochet hook
* darning needle
* (excellent) glue
* beads

First you’ll want to crochet the cover for the lid(s) – in US terms:

Chain 2, in 2nd chain: 6 sc, close round with slip stitch;
Chain 3, this being your first dc; 2 dc in every sc from previous round, total stitches in this round: 12 – close with sl st in top chain of initial 3-chain that started this round;
Chain 3 (= first dc), *2 dc, 1 dc – repeat all around, total stitch count in this round: 18 dc’s;
maRRose - CCC: Valentine's JarsThis is the moment to see whether your crochet already fits the jar lid – you’ll want to crochet right up to the ridge of the lid. For some lids I crocheted another round in sc’s, for others one more round in dc’s was needed. If you need a fourth round, you’ll want to crochet this one as follows: chain 1 (for a round in sc’s, or 3 for a round in dc’s) *2 sc’s or dc’s, 1 sc/dc, 1 sc/dc, total stitches: 24.
As soon as the top circle fits the jar lid, you’re ready to crochet the side, by crocheting in the back loops only (thus creating a ridge) and by not increasing any more stitches. Depending on your jar lid, crochet 1 or 2 rounds in sc’s.
maRRose - CCC: Valentine's Jars

With an excellent glue (I used Pritt Power), you put glue on your jar lid (including the side), and very carefully glue your crocheted cover onto the lid, firmly pressing as soon as you’re satisfied with the position of the cover on the lid.

maRRose - CCC: Valentine's Jars

Now the real fun begins: prettifying your cover!
For this particular occasion, I’ve crocheted tiny, tiny hearts and simply glued them on my covers (and added some beads on some, just glued these on too).
maRRose - CCC: Valentine's Jars          maRRose - CCC: Valentine's Jars          maRRose - CCC: Valentine's Jars maRRose - CCC: Valentine's Jars

Tiny Hearts – pattern:
Chain 3, in 1st chain crochet: 2 dc’s, 2 hdc’s, 1 dc, 2 hdc’s, 2 dc’s, 2 chains, slip stitch in very 1st chain, darn in ends: ta-dah!
maRRose - CCC: Valentine's Jars

For a crafty friend you could fill your lovely Valentine’s Jar with buttons, spools, needles etc – how about a crafter’s “first aid kit” or some nail polish and make-up: possibilities are endless …..
I plan on baking some heart shaped cookies and fill mine with these!
maRRose - CCC: Valentine's Jars

Happy Making!

maRRose Giveaway

maRRose - CCC, heart garlandThis giveaway (my very first, I’m excited) is meant as a sincere “thank you” to  ALL of you, here, on Instagram, Facebook and Etsy for your continuous support, friendship, encouragement and inspiration!
There are three prizes to win and all three have been made by me – with love – and here they are, the heart garland:

maRRose - CCC, heart garlandmaRRose - CCC, heart garland maRRose - CCC, heart garland maRRose - CCC, heart garland maRRose - CCC, heart garland

3-heart wall hanger:
maRRose - CCC, 3 hearts wall hanger        maRRose - CCC, 3 hearts wall hanger           maRRose - CCC, 3 hearts wall hanger           maRRose - CCC, 3 hearts wall hanger

And last but not least, this lavender filled heart-shaped sachet:
maRRose - CCC, lavender heart maRRose - CCC, lavender heart maRRose - CCC, lavender heartMultiple entries per person are possible: every like, comment, repost, follow and/or share on Instagram (please use #maRRoseGiveaway on IG) , Facebook, Etsy and here on the blog is an entry, as long as I can track that you’ve done so.

maRRose - CCC, yarn bowl with hearts

I will ship anywhere in the world; the giveaway closes Sunday February 2nd, 2014, 22:00 hrs (GMT+1); the three winners will be picked by a random number generator and will be announced on Instagram, Facebook and here on the blog.

Good luck to all of you!


PS: the colorful little hearts were made using this (paid) pattern and for the lavender heart I used this (free) pattern (Dutch version); the English version of this heart pattern can be found here. I made the lavender appliqué up as I went, no pattern – sorry

X-mas garland

x-mas garlandThis garland was a quick and joyful project. Using Attic24’s pattern for the holly leaves, Sandra’s (Cherry Heart) tutorial for the cute stars and adding these lovely little hearts (pattern here) to show I really, really  l o v e  Christmas you can do this too, and be done right before your Christmas 2013 celebrations start!

x-mas garland