The Pink/Purple Nordic Shawl

maRRose - CCC: pink/purple and blue/pink Nordic ShawlsThis week is all about the Nordic Shawl, over at talented Annette’s blog “My Rose Valley“. In the first blog in this series she tells us the touching story about how and why she was inspired to make her very first Nordic Shawl, ánd what made her decide to write the pattern and sell it, so others were to enjoy this lovely design as well. When I read her beautiful post about Pia and this shawl, it made me realize even more how special it is. People like me, who bought the pattern and enjoyed crocheting this shawl so much, we all must have sensed the special vibe connected to it.

maRRose - CCC: black Nordic Shawl          The Blue Nordic Shawl - maRRose CCC         maRRose - CCC: pink/purple Nordic Shawl

Up to this point I’ve made three Nordic Shawls, one in black, one in blue/pink and the last one in pink/purple.
maRRose - CCC: pink/purple Nordic ShawlmaRRose - CCC: pink/purple and blue/pink Nordic ShawlsmaRRose - CCC: blue/pink Nordic ShawlmaRRose - CCC: pink/purple and blue/pink Nordic ShawlsAfter having finished the pink/purple and blue/pink ones, I decided to add one round of tiny picots to both and I’m so happy with that result – a real finishing touch! maRRose - CCC: pink/purple and blue/pink Nordic ShawlsmaRRose - CCC: pink/purple Nordic Shawl I love knowing the story behind the Nordic Shawl, I lóve seeing everyone’s creations around the web (eg here, here and here), I have loved making my three Nordic Shawls so far and I love the idea of making more of these beauties!

After all, love is what makes the world go round, right?
So, here’s from me to you,

with love,

The Blue/Pink Nordic Shawl

maRRose - CCC, Nordic Shawl - pink/blueIt must have been pretty obvious from when I shared my black Nordic Shawl (you can read about that here), that I really love this pattern. In fact so much so, that I’ve made another one.

The Blue Nordic Shawl - maRRose CCC       The Blue Nordic Shawl - maRRose CCC

This time I’ve used a wonderfully soft, variegated yarn called “Alize” (“Cotton Gold”, 55% cotton/45% acrylic, color code 3686) for the main part. The variation in color that developed while crocheting would actually not have made it necessary to crochet the border pattern in different colors – I think – but I still like the way it turned out.

The Blue Nordic Shawl - maRRose CCC                        The Blue Nordic Shawl - maRRose CCC

I have to admit I’ve started yet another one ….. I’m using the pink/purple variegated “Alize” for this one and I have decided that I will continue crocheting the mixed stitches part with the same yarn this time.
Unfortunately I’ve run out of the pink “Alize” (and so had my Mr. Woolman, grrrr), but luckily I found an online yarn store (in Latvia, mind you) that still carries it and I just got an email from them saying they’ve shipped my order!

The Blue Nordic Shawl - maRRose CCC

So, hopefully soon I’ll be able to show you the pink/purple version ….

The Nordic Shawl

maRRose - CCC, Nordic Shawl - blackOne of the blogs that I’ve been following with absolute and utter pleasure ever since I picked up crochet again, is the My Rose Valley-blog. The reason why this blog in my opinion stands out is threefold. Not only does Annette like to crochet, she’s a quilter too and besides that I think she is a writer as well. And all three disciplines she does in an excellent way, with a definite and distinct “My Rose Valley/Annette”-touch. I honestly foresee a book deal of some sort in her near future and I know that I would buy that book in a heartbeat.

This year she delighted the cyber-crochet world with a couple of her own designs (I told you she’s talented). One of her latest patterns is the “Nordic Shawl“. I immediately knew I wanted to crochet this beauty and so I purchased the pattern (you can do so here), bought some not too expensive yarn (here) and got going. I started the shawl with a single strand of the fine HEMA-yarn (a 100% acrylic, that called for a hook size 2,5/3), but did not like that at all. Very quickly I switched to a hook 4,5 and double strands, the look of which I liked much better.
I loved every minute that I worked on this shawl. It’s the kind of pattern that allows you to make conversation or watch television while crocheting and it works up really fast, which is rewarding also.

The biggest reward of course is the finished shawl, so here’s my Nordic Shawl “ta-dah”, and I say this with pride and a big “thank you” to Annette for this lovely pattern!

Nordic Shawl Marianne Nordic Shawl Marianne

Nordic Shawl Marianne


PS: unfortunately it’s quite hard at this time of year to take the kind of pictures that do full justice to the colors of the shawl ……. oh well …..