KreaDoe – tickets: the winners!

maRRose - CCC --- pincushions-120Thank you all so much for joining in the KreaDoe giveaway!
Yesterday the trusted ‘random number generator’ picked two winners: Marijke Oepts and Antoinette Vissers. Congrats, girls – please dm/pm, or email me ( your addresses, so I can get those tickets to you in the mail asap.
Have great fun at the fair next week!

I’ve decided to prolong the pincushion giveaway just a little longer, giving you a bit more time to win these two:
maRRose - CCC - pincushion-52 maRRose - CCC - orange mint pincushion-02In case you missed this: all you have to do is comment here, on Facebook and/or Instagram (and you could enter on all three to increase your odds of winning), and let me know which pincushion you like best – it’s as simple as that. If you’ve done so on my previous post, you’re already “in”!
I’ll ship to anywhere in the world – giveaway closes Sunday, October 25, 2015 (20:00 gmt+1). Good luck!

This week was a busy, mainly non-crafty week ….. I managed to make some progress on Carter’s Chevron Blanket, prepare a little crochet gift (can’t show you yet), as well as make another cute little photo frame (link to pattern in this post).
maRRose - CCC --- Carter's Chevron Blanket-07maRRose - CCC --- Photo frame-04Today, however, will ALL be about crochet – yay!
Together with some crocheting bloggers/ig-ers I’ve been invited to another one of Lisanne‘s Crochet Parties, and I’m soooo looking forward to that (more on the first “Crochet Party”, here).
This time it’s held in “Knotten” in Delft, and I’m told we’re going to delve into Lana Grossa‘s wonderful world of yarny goodness.
Are you familiar with this brand? I’ve worked with Lana Grossa once before – my “Rosebud Shawl” – and truly loved the softness and high quality of that particular yarn (365 Cotone).
maRRose - CCC --- Rosebud Shawl-07Expectations are high! And, of course, I’ll report here soon!

Wishing you a wonderful Saturday,
Marianne xx

KreaDoe – Triangle Pincushions

maRRose - CCC - pincushionsRecently I told you about my exciting new part-time job as blogger for the biggest Dutch Craft Fair, KreaDoe. In my first blog post for them I shared my “Yarn Ends Bowl” (Dutch diy here) the second one that has just gone live on KreaDoe’s site is how to make your own triangle pincushion (English tutorial here – Dutch how-to here).

These pincushions are another favorite project of mine – a rather quick make, and a cute little gift. We all sew sometimes don’t we, and we all need a pincushion to keep those pins from going to dangerous places…..
Whenever I plan on gifting one myself, I do like to personalize them as much as I can, as you can see here ….
maRRose - CCC --- Koffie-Wol pincushion-02 maRRose - CCC --- Draad en Praat-Lisanne pincushion maRRose - CCC --- tulips pincushion maRRose - CCC - Rietveld pincushion-40The last one I personalized is this one ….. I’m sure that’s no surprise ….;):
maRRose - CCC - pincushion-55I also made a couple of new ones, and if you’d like to win one, please leave a comment below (also letting me know which one you’d prefer: the orange/mint, or the soft peach).
maRRose - CCC - pincushion-54 maRRose - CCC - pincushion-53 maRRose - CCC - orange mint pincushion-02And….. that’s not all you can win this time around: KreaDoe’s allowing me to give away TWO TICKETS for the craft fair: woohoo!
maRRose - CCC - pincushion-56Again, all you have to do is let me know in the comments whether you’d like to be eligible to win these – winners for both the pincushions, and the tickets will be drawn on Thursday October 22, 2015, and I’ll let you know here, on my Instagram and Facebook page! Tip: you could increase your chances to win, by entering over there as well!

Good luck!
Marianne xx

Treasury Tuesday

maRRose - CCC --- Treasury Tuesday, Crocheted Pincushions-collageI don’t think it will come as a surprise to you, when I tell you I love pincushions, especially crocheted ones. They’re quick and cute little projects, they make for a perfect gift-from-the-heart, and don’t we all find good use for them?
As for my triangle pincushions (tutorial here), I still very much enjoy making and gifting them!
maRRose - CCC --- Treasury Tuesday, Crocheted Pincushions-04
Searching Etsy, collecting pretty pincushions for this week’s Treasury Tuesday made it quite clear I’m not the only crochet-pincushion-lover …..

My two favorites have to be this gorgeous one by “Crejjtion”:
maRRose - CCC --- Treasury Tuesday, Crocheted Pincushions-01and this one – so beautifully made and elegant:
maRRose - CCC --- Treasury Tuesday, Crocheted Pincushions-02Love,
Marianne xx

“maRRose” in the picture

maRRose - CCC --- Koffie-Wol pincushion-02We all know YouTube is the place to go when we want a certain pattern or stitch explained. In fact I know for many crocheters YouTube was the place where they actually learned how to crochet!
maRRose - CCC --- Wolplein Inspiratie Centrum-01

Last year the people of Wolplein launched a weekly yarn inspired talk show – “Koffie & Wol” (“Coffee & Wool”) – on YouTube and I was hooked right from the start.
The show is hosted by lovely and very talented Petra, Lotte and Saskia – the latter well known for the three (!) crochet books she wrote with Claire – and is very informative.
maRRose - CCC --- Wolplein Inspiratie Centrum-02Every week Saskia tells us how to crochet a pattern she specifically designed for the show (the pattern of which then can be found on the Wolplein Blog), Petra teaches Saskia how to knit, and Lotte takes the show on the road, interviewing crocheters, visiting yarn fests etc.maRRose - CCC --- Wolplein Inspiratie Centrum-03

In fact, I first saw the “Tulip Blanket” on the “Koffie & Wol”-show – and you might remember how I could not wait to get started with this gorgeous pattern (more here and here).

And guess what?
I was asked to come to the “Koffie & Wol”-studio a couple of weeks ago to have an all-about-crochet-chat with Saskia!!
Gosh, an honor, really and so, SO much fun to do!
It was not until after the show that I got nervous about going to be so “visible”, but to be honest: I’m pretty pleased with how the interview turned out: big thanks to Saskia and the wonderful and professional Wolplein/Koffie & Wol-people.
maRRose - CCC --- Wolplein Inspiratie Centrum-04

The interview is in Dutch and I doubt that google translate will help us out here, but you still might want to get a glimpse of my crochet and me on film ;), so here’s the link.

Marianne xx

PS: as a little gift I made a “Koffie & Wol”-pincushion ……
maRRose - CCC --- Koffie-Wol pincushion-03

Valentine’s Day Swap

maRRose - CCC - Valentine's PincushionI sure hope your Valentine’s Day was a good one!
The somewhat grumpy inclined people among us may say it’s an over-commercialized holiday, but really: who does not like being given a card with sweet words written on it, a bunch of flowers, homemade heart-shaped cake, a thoughtful little present, or even simply some nice words from virtual friends?
maRRose - CCC - Valentine's Hearts

One of my virtual friends on Instagram organised a “Valentine’s Day Swap”, how’s that for nice? Once signed up and given a swap partner everybody set to work and made a cute heart-related present, then sent it off.

We all opened our Valentine’s Day gifts and shared photos on Instagram yesterday and really, it was so much fun! Just knowing someone took the time to craft something especially for you made it very special, even more so since we crafters/makers all know how much time and dedication is involved in handmade-with-love projects!
maRRose - CCC - Sharna's presents

Sweet Sharna was my partner-in-crafting and she surprised me with actually two beautiful hearts, one sewn and one crocheted, and I love both of them!
The fact that she made the effort to create something for me in a style different from the one I usually make things in and that her adorable 4 year old son helped sticking on the butterflies on the big heart make me love these wonderful gifts even more!

Now that everyone has opened and shown their Valentine’s Day goodies, I can show the things I made as well. The saying is “giving is better than receiving” – now that I’ve been given Sharna’s lovely presents, I’m not too sure about that anymore, but I definitely loved making my swap-goodies!

I’ve used this tutorial for the triangle pincushion, the little hearts that are sewn on top, can be made with this diy.
maRRose - CCC - Valentine's Pincushion

The lavender heart was crocheted following this pattern, I made two, crocheted them together with a contrasting color, filled the foot part of an old pantyhose with lavender, put that inside, added some fiberfill, closed the heart, stitched a ribbon on the heart and tadah!
maRRose - CCC - Valentine's Lavender HeartI made several cute 3-D hearts following this tutorial. The blue one was for Sharna’s daughter.
maRRose - CCC - Valentine's Heart “Rusty the Dog” was my little gift for her son and is a pattern from a book, “Grappige Gelukspoppetjes & Co.” by Annemarie Arts (in Dutch only, I’m afraid).maRRose - CCC - Rusty the dogmaRRose - CCC - Rusty the dog

With love,
Marianne xx

Triangle cushion covers

maRRose - CCC: Triangle PincushionWriting this blog post made me realize I have somewhat of a fascination with geometric crochet. I’ve noticed I like all crochet made with graphic shapes ….
For instance this gorgeous “Isometric Blanket” by Solveig, or the beautiful “Harlequin Blanket” by Woodwoodstool (here‘s another one, gorgeously made by Coco Rose Diaries). Or maybe this beauty, a free pattern from the talented Kath Webber/Inverleith. A different technique – tapestry crochet – gives brilliant results as well, like this and this one, all made by Julie/Little Woollie (free tutorial on her blog, here).
maRRose - CCC: Triangle Pincushion

My first geometric crochet project, was a cushion cover that I made for my brother quite some time ago. I loved playing with the different sizes and shapes, kind of freewheeling the pattern together.
I’m afraid this is not the best kind of photo, but at least you’ll get an idea of
what I did …..
maRRose - CCC: Triangle Cushion in purple, mustard and greys

After that I made the triangle cushion that now lives with my lovely and talented friend Sonia, and I love the story that’s related to this one.
maRRose - CCC: Triangle Cushion in pink, orange, yellow, ice blue and bright blueWe both admire each others work – please, please do yourself a favor and check out her fan-tas-tic artwork – but I’m no needle artist, nor is Son a crocheter, and so we decided to make a deal and simply swap!
Sonia made a stunning portrait of our family and my triangle cushion cover was shipped all the way to Australia, a very happy deal indeed!
maRRose - CCC: Dandelyne family portrait 2014

This particular triangle cushion cover also ignited my triangle pincushion design (tutorial + free pattern here), so it actually brought a lot of fun.
maRRose - CCC: Triangle PincushionsmaRRose - CCC - cushion galore

A couple of weeks ago someone asked me how to crochet the half triangles that are needed to square things off and I decided to make a tutorial for these too.
And while doing so, I quickly wrote down how I made the entire cushion as well, so you can go ahead and crochet/construct your very own triangle cushion cover.
For a pdf-version of this tutorial, click here – or go to the tutorial section, here.

I had so much fun making triangles and half triangles again, that I started triangle cushion cover number 3 – now listed in my Etsy shop.

maRRose - CCC: Triangle PincushionmaRRose - CCC: Triangle PincushionAs you can see I crocheted one big solid granny square as the back of this cushion (tutorial by “ACreativeBeing”, here).
It turned out really pretty – the cushion now being a nice “two-for-one”. Front and back are crocheted together with sc’s, using all 4 loops, adding a little 3-chain picot every 6 stitches. One of the sides was partly left open and can be closed with 4 buttons which makes washing the cover a breeze.
maRRose - CCC: Triangle PincushionmaRRose - CCC: Triangle Pincushion

I’m already working on number 4, trying to figure out an easier way to connect the triangles and half triangles that – I have to admit – can be a bit fiddly.
Will definitely let you know here if the new little trick will work!
maRRose - CCC: Triangle Pincushion


Triangle Pincushion (Tutorial)

Isn’t it funny and interesting how one gets ideas to create something? When I was making the triangle cushion I did not do the math beforehand as to how many triangles in what color I would need. So I ended up with too many triangles, no big deal. After I had finished the cushion I looked at those long haired, oddly shaped objects, and all of a sudden lightning struck, aha!

maRRose - CCC: triangle pincushion

And don’t you love it when you can work out the idea/picture you have in your head into something real, and to such an extent that the final result totally matches the photo-in-the-head that it all started with.
Well, I’ll be the first to admit that there are quite a few projects sitting somewhere in my craft room unfinished, but this pincushion-idea really worked well.
It is a great stash buster project, a quick fix when you’re bored with that never-ending blanket, and they simply make me smile!
You’ll find the link to the tutorial here (or above) – have loads of fun making them and please do share any of your triangle creations!