Tree of Hope

maRRose - CCC: mandala FMSHope ProjectThrough the wonderful medium that Instagram is, I’ve met the equally wonderful Jane Balke (aka @queen_babs). There are two things you need to know about Jane other than that she’s a delightful and sweet person: she suffers from Fibromyalgia Syndrome and is an avid yarn-bomber.

You can see some of her colorful and happy yarn-bombing work on this website, here, or on her Facebook page.
I’m sure these photos will bring a smile to your face ….

Right now she’s organising a special yarn-bomb project to help raise awareness for fibromyalgia in the general public.
And you know what? We can all cooperate!
maRRose - CCC: mandala FMSHope ProjectAll we have to do is crochet a mandala in shades of purple and send it to Jane.
The plan is to cover a tree in Sydney in May 2015 with all of our mandalas.

As Jane puts it: “Help by giving a GIFT OF HOPE. Let’s raise awareness with gorgeous mandalas made by all those who care and have compassion for others. Help this Fibro Fighter raise awareness for this invisible illness!”

This is how it works:

The mandala needs to be made of:
acrylic or cotton,
shades of purple (plus some white and black if you like),
over 14cm wide,
sent by 2 April 2015
maRRose - CCC: mandala FMSHope ProjectFor an address and/or more information, please email Jane at
As soon as Jane has received your mandala, she’ll send you a gift in return: a beautiful crochet pattern by lovely and talented Marit.

My contribution for this project is on its way to Jane – I used this free pattern. Another lovely free pattern – specially designed for this cause by Spincushion’s Shelley – can be found here. Should you need more inspiration, you can check out this link!

I’m sure Jane will be thrilled and will share many photos once Sydney’s “Tree of Hope” is ready!
maRRose - CCC: mandala FMSHope Project