Rose Party Triangles

maRRose - CCC - Rose Triangle for bunting-19(you can use any kind of yarn/hook size – US terms are used)

round 1: in a magic ring, you crochet 6 sc’s, close the ring with a slip stitch into the first sc (or crochet 4 chains, make a ring by slip stitching in to the first chain);
(only if you’re using multiple colors, you fasten off and sew in your ends);

round 2:  (if you’re using multiple colors, you’ll attach your new color in any stitch)
* chain 3. In same stitch: 3 treble crochet stitches (tr’s), making sure you leave the last loop of every treble on your hook, thus making 1 cluster of 3 treble crochet stitches. When you have 4 loops on your hook, pull yarn through all 4 loops, chain 3, slip stitch ** (still in the same stitch): first leaf is done! Now slip stitch into the next stitch, repeat from * to ** 5 more times.
You should now have 6 leaves – the flower is made! Fasten off (multiple colors as well as one color);maRRose - CCC - Rose Triangle for bunting-05

round 3: attach your yarn (new or same color) in the top stitch of any flower petal, chain 1 (= 1st sc), * chain 4, sc into top of next petal **. Repeat from * to ** all around, slip stitch into first chain/sc.

round 4: * into first/next loop (=4 chain space), you crochet: 2 sc’s, 1 hdc, 1 dc, 2 tr’s; 1 dtr in the sc of the previous round, and then into the next loop: 2 tr’s, 1 dc, 1 hdc, 2 sc’s. 1 sc into sc of previous round (= top of next petal) **. Repeat from * to ** all around, slip stitch into sc of previous round (= first chain of round 3);

round 5: chain 3 (=1st dc), 1 dc in every stitch made in round 4, and 5 dc’s in each of the three corners (= in the treble from the previous round).
You should now have 13 dc’s on each side, and 5 dc’s in each corner. Fasten off, sew in ends: 1st little party triangle ready!

To make the garland I started with a chain of 60 stitches, and attached my flags to the chain by slip stitching into the top of the dc’s on one side. The first and last stitch I started slip stitching in, were the middle dc’s of the 5 dc’s in each corner. In between my flags I chained 10, and ended with another chain of 60 stitches.
maRRose - CCC - Rose Triangle for bunting-23The off-white garland was made using Rico Creative Cotton Aran and a hook size 5 mm – the flags measure 14 cm on each side.
The colorful one was crocheted with Katia Capri and ByClaire (100% cotton) and a hook size 3,5 mm – they measure 11 cm on each side.maRRose - CCC - Rose Triangle for bunting-22

I highly recommend blocking your triangles, and after that: they’re ready to make any room or outdoor space a little more festive! Happy making, and enjoy!maRRose - CCC - Rose Triangle for bunting-31

Marianne xx
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